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The Guardian of Magic

A thrilling blend between epic and urban fantasy, The Guardian of Magic tells a story of a modern world, much like our own, but with an ancient history filled with magic and legend.

Yet most deny such a history could ever be true.

Oliver Kapur, a successful politician, is part of a world in 4027 where reality is the only thing worth believing. Where the people no longer believe in magic or the savior that is destined to save the world from calamities every one thousand years. Oliver doesn’t either. He’s never believed magic has ever existed and more than anything, he holds personal hatred for the savior, the Guardian of Magic.

But with the arrival of a mysterious man, everything Oliver thought he knew changes when he’s sent two thousand years to the past. Here magic is commonplace, believed in, and loved. All Oliver wants is to go home and return to his life, where life and reality are painful but make sense. But he has no hope of leaving until he helps win a rising war against darker forces and, to his horror, accept his responsibility as the Guardian of Magic.

Orion: A Heroic Novel

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“This book kept a good pace on action and mythology. It is a good read for teenagers. I enjoyed it.” - Kindle Customer

"This was a fun read. I love astronomy and the idea of super powers derived from constellations is awesome! I love that the book was very clean and engaging." -- Cadie Hatch

"I couldn't put this book down. It has a unique story and is told from two opposing character views! Highly recommended :) I can't wait for the next one!!" -- Julie Owens

"I absolutely loved the book. It really kept me engaged the entire time, and I couldn't put it down until I had read it all! Can't wait for a sequel!”
-- Steven

Michael Stone’s life changes forever when he touches a glowing meteorite that gives him extraordinary powers derived from the constellation Orion. He has super strength, speed, sight, and flight. And maybe more...

But he didn’t realize how hard it would be a teenage superhero. Not as simple as the comic books make it out to be. Especially when his life-long rival and bully touches a meteorite as well, challenging him with the powers of Draco.