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Orion's Cover -- Before and After

Here are my two covers. The new one and the old one. Check out the differences!

New Cover

Old Cover

The old cover was one I put together myself on Amazon. It took a lot of time and I learned very quick that graphic design wasn't my specialty. Fortunately, I found a pretty good picture and finally got it to work... for free!

But, it was missing some things. Two main things, really. It was missing a person and the Orion constellation. Having a person on the cover, I realized, is really important for several reasons.

First off, it let's people know this book is not an astronomy book, but a Heroic Novel (hence the subtitle). And second of all, seeing a guy with glowing eyes and a Star Stone in his hand gives a few more clues about what this book is actually about. And thirdly, it looks cool!

Where did I get the new cover done? On Fiverr, from a freelancer named Bobooks. I payed quite a bit for their highest quality cover design. They did a good job, but I had to go through a few drafts to get to the final result. They first gave Michael a red shirt, and it took away from the blue/black theme of this book. Especially since the sequel will have a red theme--Draco. I didn't want the two covers to look to similar.

My wife helped give good advice to make sure Michael's body right. We had to look up the right shirt and the right stance. For Michael's face, I sent the freelancers a picture of Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a teenager. This is how I always envisioned Michael Stone:

So, I plan on using the same artists for the Orion series, but I'm up for trying someone new for my other novels.

In fact, I am needing someone soon to help me with the cover for the Guardian of Magic. It will be very different from this cover. I envision a lot more going on in that cover than on this one. It's going to be something a little like this picture:

If you or someone you know would like to help me with that cover, just let me know.

That's all! Keep on keeping on!

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