• Travis Johnston

BYU editing class comes to my rescue

I was elated to discover that a group in the BYU editing class selected my book to use as their capstone editing project. Here's the deal. They do a series of developmental, substantive, and copy edits as well as typeset the text, create a blurb, draw a map, and design the cover. And in return... I encourage their professor (who also edits my book) to give them an "A."

So, basically, I'm getting my book published-ready for free!

We started back in September and hope to end at the beginning of December. I've added about 3 chapters to the book, and we just finished the final copy edits. My book is looking sooooo much better! And now, it's time to make the book look great on the inside and out. What do you think of the mock cover, eh?

Here's a shout out to my rock star editors: Jeremy Madsen, Rachel Hulet, Wendy Jennings, Emily Afton Andersen, and Suzy Bills.

What's the book about? It's about a boy named Jack who was traumatized when his parents were parentnapped by a group of alien invaders. The aliens say they come from a planet called Earth. Jack has to overcome his trauma and face the Earthlings head on to rescue his parents.

I'm so grateful for this experience. I needed good editors so much, and I'm grateful this opportunity was offered to me. I look forward to the finished product and then pitching it to a publisher and agent who have expressed some interest.

Fingers crossed!

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