• Travis Johnston

Writing Update for 2018

I've finished the first draft of my next book: The Savior of Magic. I've really enjoyed writing it and am excited to finish it.

The second draft is pretty extensive and will take a while, but it's starting actually look a little more like the story I'd envisioned. This Back to the Future meets the Lord of the Rings story's basic plot is something like this:

In a modern world where a small group of believers called Saviorists hold on to the peculiar beliefs that magic used to exist a thousand years ago, trees are sacred and completely untouchable because--of course--the Tree of Life is their god, and a legendary hero called the Savior of Magic somehow, impossibly, inexplicably appeared multiple times over the last 4000 years to protect the world from devastation, Oliver Kapur and his Secularist Faction make it a point to disprove the Saviorists, debunk their superstitious beliefs, and legalize the cutting down of trees.

To Oliver's dismay, his ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Groves, is leading the Saviorists in the legal debate and political battle with as much passion and vigor as he is.

Just as tensions between the two leaders and the two factions grow heated and dangerously violent, a mysterious man named Silas--dressed like an ancient warrior from an action movie--approaches Oliver. Silas twirls a white stick around his fingers and--shockingly--casts some sort of magical vortex. He shoves Oliver through it and he falls into what appears to be another world.

Eventually, Oliver is stunned to find himself two thousands years in the past where magic is real and the historical Age of War is about to commence. After experiencing so many unbelievable things, one after another in this new time, nothing is as outlandishly insane as the claim that Silas makes next... that Oliver is the Savior of Magic.

That's it! I'll let you know when the second draft is done. The next draft will be a polish and then I'll go into the editing phase. At that point I will get started on Draco, the sequel to Orion.

Happy New Year!

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