• Travis Johnston

Story Inspection: Justice League (Spoilers!)

I actually enjoyed this movie more than I expected I would. I’ll give it a 7/10, which is higher than most critics. I’m never gotten into the comics, but I’ve always liked superheroes, especially Superman. He’s my fave...

What was great were the characters. I really enjoyed getting to learn more about Cyborg and Aquaman. I hardly know anything about them. And I felt like we had a good chance to connect to each of the characters and see a story arc for all of them.


The other great part was bringing back Superman! I knew that had to happen in this story... Superman can’t die! But I didn’t think they’d bring him back so early in the story. 

My favorite part of the whole movie is the scene where Superman fights the rest of the league. So cool! And specifically, the part where the Flash tries running around Superman, and then he follows him with his eyes! It was sooooo awesome! My wife and I were giggling like little children watching fireworks at Disneyland during that part. 

Now, the problems with the story. There were several, but the biggest one was that Steppenwolf just wasn’t a big enough challenge at the end. Once Superman was back, you know he’s gonna show up and save the day. There wasn’t that moment where you’re worried that the league is going to lose and you’re wondering if there is any way for them to win. 

That moment I’m describing—that Justice League was missing—is called all is lost or the dark night of the soul. This is a literary device screenwriters use during the most intense part of the movie. They say you should have a whiff of death in the air.  

In Justice League it was simply: the League is losing to Steppenworlf and then Superman says, “Hey, is this guy still bothering you?” 

Too short. Too mellow. Too easy to get through. Totally dissatisfying. 

The tougher the challenge, the more satisfying it is when the heroes push through and win. 

I honestly think the story would have been best if somehow Superman was detain (maybe by some kryptonite or something) and the rest of the League had to dig deep and work together to beat Steppenwolf. And then Superman would show up after they won and been like... “Whoa, you guys didn’t need me after all. You’re cool even without me!”

That was my biggest issue with the plot. But it’s still an entertaining movie and I think it’s worth a watch. 

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